Meet Dr Rick Luu

Dr Rick is a Canberra based dentist, healthcare enthusiast and owner of Oasis Dental.

Rick graduated from the University of Sydney in 2001 with a Bachelor of Dentistry with honours. With nearly 15 years under his belt, Rick is challenging traditional dentistry with innovative practices and business models.

Rick developed an interest in healthcare from a young age, and is passionate about ensuring all Australians are empowered to understand quality dental care.

Early on in his career, Rick noticed there were problems with people accessing emergency dental appointments, and dentists managing last minute cancellations.

Rick knew that there had to be an easier way, and in 2011 he left dentistry to focus on, a game changer and one stop shop for healthcare services in Australia.

1st Available Ltd officially launched in April 2012 and has been delivering the convenience of online healthcare appointments, facilitating 2,100 private healthcare providers with nearly 3 million online appointments booked since 2012.

Following his work for 1st Available, Rick decided he wanted to get back to his passion – dentistry.

In 2013 Rick relocated to Canberra and Oasis Dental. Oasis Dental specialises in restorative dentistry, focusing on comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning followed by returning teeth as close as possible to their natural state so patients can continue to care for them.

Oasis’ unique business model allows clients to pay for extensive definitive dental treatment via a packaged fee arrangement with treatment delivered in longer appointment sessions to make the most of your time. Packages include an extremely high level of preventative oral hygiene regime too.

The focus is proactive patients who are concerned not only with the immediate future but also the long term outlook of their mouth.

Oasis Dental reflects Dr Rick’s vision to offer dental health, not dental treatment, and help people keep their teeth for life.