What’s happening in your mouth?

Tuesday, August 8, 2016

Knowing the true state of your oral health situation can be hard. You may think everything is tracking along well and whoa, you crack a tooth, break a filling or you may start to have pain. Traditionally, you pop down to your local dentist, have an x-ray and a filling and you’d be on your merry way. This is all fine, however chances are, you’ll be back. You may be motivated to attend for a regular clean but for most people the next appointment will be to deal with the next big issue.  This is reactive dentistry and ultimately your oral health is in decline.

If you’re not keen on this reactive approach to your health, then keep on reading.  At Oasis Dental we agree that a pro-active approach is a better way and when you visit us you will know where you sit on the timeline of your own personal dental journey. You will know what you can expect and together we can take away the risks and help restore your teeth, improving your smile and function. Our treatment guarantee and ongoing partnership ensures you’ll have every chance at keeping your teeth (and your smile) for life.

We feel so passionately about sharing our insights that we offer a free information session. You’ll meet our dentists and you will learn more about some of the pitfalls of patch-up after patch-up dentistry.

We can show you that with quality treatments and efficient planning you could save thousands in the long run – And you’ll be able to hop off the ‘constant treatment’ treadmill.

If you’d like to learn more then, click here and register now for our next information session.

You can also see what others say about our approach to dentistry by watching the short video below:

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